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★ 3in Winery dates back to the ranch estate founded on April 10, 1888 ( San Luis Obispo County government records ). It has had a long history of winemaking. It is formerly known as Falcon Nest Vineyard and Winery. The previous owner, Francesco Grande, is a descendant of Italian aristocrats who operated the business in the United States for nearly 20 years.

★ 3in Winery is ideally located in the middle of Los Angeles and San Francisco 's Golden Passage, next to Coast Sightseeing Highway 1 and Highway 46.

★ 3in Winery covers an area of 145 acres, located in the famous Paso Robles AVA legal production area of California Central Coast, which is the largest legal production area in the United States. It is a Mediterranean climate, with long dry summers and hot, dry days with plenty of light, and full of sugar for grapes ; it also has cool and sunny nights and a huge temperature difference between day and night, which is conducive to the condensation of natural tannins in grapes ; more cool sea breeze blowing, giving the grape a unique alkaline oxidation flavor. Therefore, the Paso Robles statutory producing area has become a rare gold area in the world that is most suitable for growing wine grapes.

★ 3in Winery is rich in Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Grenache, Petit Verdot, Zinfandel, Syrah and other grape varieties. It is mainly a high-end winery with multi-varieties of grapes and rich jam flavor. It has the functions of grape planting, fermentation brewing, sightseeing and vacation, recreation and leisure.

★ 3in vineyard supporting the construction of waterfront villa leisure resort, rich winery amusement project Renjun choice : fishing, grass skiing, picnic, archery, cycling, jungle field training, BMX cross-country, golf driving range to play, mountaineering, Vineyard marathon, vineyard wind shooting, meditation yoga, olive oil SPA, oak barrel wine tasting, orchard vegetable garden picking and so on.


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